Get the new Rotary Wildfire Ready app!

The new Rotary Wildfire Ready app is now available free in the Apple Store and on Google Play! The app provides important information on creating defensible space around your home, hardening your home, assembling a "Go Bag," signing up for emergency notifications, and sudden evacuation.
Rotary Wildfire Ready is a signature program of the Rotary Club of Evergreen.   Rotary Wildfire Ready’s mission is to increase wildfire awareness and wildfire preparedness in our communities to help make residents safer from the threat of wildfire. More on Rotary's response to wildfire danger is featured in Rotary magazine's March 2023 issue here.
In the fall of 2019,  the Rotary Club of Evergreen activated this program in response to the growing threat of wildfires in Colorado.    The State of Colorado and the US Forest Service identified Evergreen as a top wildfire risk for the Rocky Mountain Region due to the high potential for loss of lives, property, watersheds and the environment.     The 2020 Evergreen Community Wildfire Protection Plan rates our area as “high to extreme’ wildfire risk, with over 25,000 residents living with the threat of wildfire.   
Rotary Wildfire Ready (RWR) brings together local Rotary Clubs, Community Leaders and Fire Department Experts to work on community safety through two teams:   RWR Education & RWR Safety.    The RWR Education team is focused on community education.  The RWR Education team has developed ‘best practice’ educational materials, and conducts wildfire preparedness educational outreach at community events throughout the area.   The RWR Safety team is focused on community advocacy and has helped get digital/infared cameras installed in our area as an early warning system.   The RWR Safety team is forging partnerships with key Jefferson County agencies to improve evacuation planning and testing for our communities, and so much more.   
There is a lot to be done, and the teams are always looking for people of action to join either team.   If you would like to Volunteer, contact Cindy Latham -   
To learn more about the Rotary Wildfire Ready Program , go to