Evergreen Rotary
How will we look in 2021?
Our Vision
The following statements were compiled from a Visioning Exercise held in August 2016.  They were formulated by participants and voted upon by the general membership as priorities for the Club over the next five years.
  • What we stand for: Commitment to doing good in Evergreen and internationally. Service above self.
  • Number of members in 2021: Focus on retention as well as recruiting. Gain 10 members in the 35-45 year old category. Change our structure to appeal to more people – club within a club or Auxiliary club to create a more flexible structure (explore new RI constitution for options).
  • Attributes of our club: Pull in the 30-40 year old group to the club. Maintain any member who wants fellowship and service.
  • International Service: Involve club members in projects. Insight trips once a year open to membership. Funding is the club responsibility not just the responsibility of the committee. Club push to go to the RI conference.
  • Youth Services: Involve Interact students in more club activities & involve club members in more Interact activities. Identify other youth needs in Evergreen and take action.
  • Vocational Service: Increase awareness of Rotarian run/owned businesses. Professional and personal membership development opportunities (i.e. 7 Habits Workshop).
  • Community Service: Don’t just create projects we want to see members act as the “eyes and ears” of the community and bring needs to the community service group. Increase our collaborative work with other local Rotary Clubs and Interact in doing joint community service projects.
  • Club Service: Create a framework for forming common interest social groups such as golf, skiing, hiking, camping, card games, theater, etc. Better integration of new members (make club service a required part of the Red Badge program). Have quality club programs.
  • Club Administration: Accept on-line payment of dues, donations, and registrations using a credit card. Establish clear criteria for which programs/projects are “Rotary” projects.
  • Fundraisers: Create and overall fundraising plan and set goals so we know why we raise funds. Committee tasked with the goal of organizing and selling fundraising events to the membership. We are doing great helping other community and international projects but fundraising should support our own projects first.
  • Marketing: Increase Rotary presence at community events (i.e. Rotary booths). Promote Rotary as a club – focus on people who give back and Service above self. Run an annual ad with changing of the guard to tell the community about our accomplishments over the past year.