Q:  What does Rotary do?
A:  Rotary was initially started by people wanting to use the opportunity of service as a way to network, socialize and become friends with other like minded people.  Our Club is involved in a wide array of local, statewide, national and international activities which are constantly changing.  Please see the About Us and Avenues of Service tabs above for more details.  
Q:  Who can join Rotary?
A: Anyone.  Anyone of good character who values “service above self” may join.  You may have heard that Rotary has rigid requirements regarding professional affiliation in order to be considered for membership, but that has been greatly relaxed in recent years. 
Q:  What does it cost to belong to Rotary?
A:  Currently, club dues are $76 per month.  There is a reduced rate for spouses of members who join.  This amount includes approximately $48 for four breakfasts per month, which is assessed regardless of attendance at a meeting (a credit is given if a member attends a meeting of another club), facility costs for the meeting room at Evergreen Country Day School, and other administrative costs of operating the club .  All other costs are optional, although giving of approximately $25 each per quarter to the Rotary Foundation (national) and Evergreen Rotary Foundation is customary. 
Q:  What if I need to be gone for a significant length of time?  Do I still pay dues for the time I’m gone?
A:  The bylaws provide for a leave of absence which excuses a member from meal costs while gone for an extended period of time.  A leave of absence must be requested by the member and approved by the Board in advance.  Dues are still assessed while a member is absent.  For a very long or uncertain absence, it may be appropriate for a member to resign and rejoin when he or she is able.
Q:  I want to join but don’t have a lot of extra time.  Any suggestions?
A:  One of the benefits of Evergreen Rotary is the Friday morning meetings.  We get in.  We meet.  And we get done all before 8:15 AM.  Coffee is put out at 6:45 AM.  Breakfast starts at around 7 AM.  We are done promptly at 8:15 AM.  It is important that you make the effort to attend a significant percentage of the weekly meetings.  Beyond that, you decide how much or how little you participate in the many opportunities available.
Q:  How do I join?
A:  Simply download the Membership Application on the website, complete it, and send it to the Membership Chair listed on the form.  
Q:  What are the expectations for giving?
A:  All giving is optional.  The Club has two major fundraising events, 100 Holes of Golf and the annual Mardi Gras party.  Other lesser fundraising activities such as Operation Valentine, Holiday party and Party Boards also provide opportunities to support a favorite cause while having fun at the same time.   Club members are encouraged to contribute to various fundraising activities according to their means. 
Q:  How much am I expected to volunteer? 
A:  There are no requirements.  However, the Club has numerous activities which provide an opportunity to volunteer, including bell ringing for the Salvation Army during the holiday season, driving shuttles for community art fairs, and picking up litter along the roadsides under the adopt-a-highway program.  Many local organizations also contact our club to help meet their volunteer needs.
Q: How do I get involved?
A:  Almost all involvement is through one of the five avenues of service listed on the website.  You can get involved simply by contacting the chair of the committee you are interested in.  Check the Our Leaders link under About Us to find the appropriate person.
Q:  Are there social activities available for me to get to know members better?
A:  Yes! We work hard and play hard.  Social interaction occurs during regular club meetings and events.  In addition, there are impromptu opportunities announced by email and scheduled social activities.  For example, Dine-Around is a bi-monthly activity in which 6 to 12 members get together in a host member’s home for dinner.  Rowdy Rotarians is a quarterly activity in which club members get together for cocktails and dinner at a local restaurant which has supported the Club.  There are also other activities such as bowling, attendance at performances, parties, etc. which are primarily for social interaction.
Q:  What are all these acronyms I keep hearing?  Is there a list available?
A:  There is now.
  • ADG – Assistant District Governor
  • DDF – District Designated Funds
  • DG – District Governor
  • DGN – District Governor Nominee
  • ERF – Evergreen Rotary Foundation
  • PETS – President-Elect Training Seminar
  • PDG – Past District Governor
  • RCE – Rotary Club of Evergreen
  • RLI – Rotary Leadership Institute
  • RI – Rotary International
  • TRF – The Rotary Foundation
  • RYLA – Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
  • YRYLA – Young Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
If you have additional questions about joining Rotary, please ask and we’ll add them to the list.