News for the Week of June 4th, 2021
Here's Everything You Need to Know...
Pause for the Cause:
Kelly Gant, our Youth Services Chair, asked us to take note of her email dated June 3rd. "We are recruiting Co-Chairs for the Youth Services Committee for the 2021-2022 Rotary year.  Co-Chairs help coordinate the Rotary Champions in each area of Youth Services and update the Evergreen Rotary on their activities." She has done a great job of describing the responsibilities for this position, which will only involve one to hours a week of your time. Please contact Kelly to tell her you're interested in supporting and inspiring our amazing youth, and ensuring the future of Rotary. Email Kelly at or President Elect Marianne at 
General Announcements:
Membership Chair, Chuck Adams: Congratulated us on the current pace of one-two membership applications a week. Great Job!
So good for our club, and so good for them. They are joining an incredible bunch of folks who put "Service Above Self" and have a lot of fun doing it! Please make sure to meet our new members, invite them to a meeting, one of our activities, or for a cuppa!
Marianne Temple- Announced our 4th District Award for this Rotary Year. Wow! Four! Congratulations Evergreen Rotary! This award was the Gary Fletcher Website award, to Jack Stapleton. Jack, our deepest thanks for your multiple hours of work and our attractive and engaging website!
Dave Rommelmann- The Memorial Day Celebration at the the The Veterans Commemorative Walk in Buchanan Park was attended by about 150 the pouring rain! He thanked many fellow Rotarians who attended the event. He also wanted to let us know that our club contributed to the cost of the beautiful bronze statue installed at the flag poles. 
Brenda Belrose- Last chance to sign up for this year's Changing of the Guard Partyat Mt. Vernon Canyon Country Club, June 24th from 5:30-8:00.  She asked that you wear what you wear when you Zoom (only wear something.;-)
Brenda could use a few volunteers to help with set up. Email her at
To RSVP for the party, follow this link:  
She must hear from you by June 10th!
Richard Toussaint - Join Richard and the International Service team for their monthly person! 6:00 at the Wyndemere Real Estate office in Bergen Park.(You can Zoom, but it will be so much more fun to BE THERE!) 
The committee will be saying good-bye to Kurt Emrich, our Interact Intern and introducing our new intern, Ryan Sontag. Also, Bob Rose will be welcomed as the new ISC co-chair. Presentations on the docket, will be delivered by Ted Ning and Al Steger. They will bring new information about the MAIA and Quetzal Fund educational projects in Guatemala. The Zoom link is
See Richard's June 6th email for further information.
Kevin McGuire - This is going to be an awesome Father's Day in Evergreen, Colorado because the Rodeo is back! Help celebrate, share some smiles, and spread the word about Rotary and our club. For over 50 ears, the Parade has delighted children of all ages as it marches right down main street. Kevin, Laurie and Marianne would love to see a huge contingent of Rotarians join the parade. You'll be Stars! Volunteers are needed to walk along the route with the Rotary Wildfire Firetruck, Dolly Parton and her Imagination Library groupies, and Kevin's gorgeous cherry red pick-up truck. They also need folks to carry banners and signs, and fingers-crossed-maybe hand out candy. Later the Firetruck will go appear at Bailey Days. Our Wildfire Ready team could use some volunteers to help with welcoming folks and with education efforts. Contact Marianne at or Laurie at​​​​​​.
***Remember, the Rotary Wildfire Facebook page and website are terrific resources for your neighbors, family and friends. and
Sondra Kellogg- Wants us to know about the newest grant form the Outdoor Lab Foundation for Jefferson County Schools. The Outdoor Lab is not only near and dear to the hearts of countless alumni, parents, and community members, but to the ERC. Awesome Stuff! Learn more at
Outdoor Lab Foundation is making an impact!
   We are excited to announce our latest round of giving to JeffCo schools for the 2021-2022 school year. The Outdoor Lab Foundation has donated $235,000 to help all JeffCo 6th grade students attend Outdoor Lab next school year! 

   The Outdoor Lab Foundation has earned a “Give with Confidence” 100/100 Rating From Charity Navigator! AND a Gold Seal of Transparency from Guidestar! 

Please save the date for our 8th Annual After Dark event on September 24, 2021! 

Holly Brekke  Our Welcome Tree Champion, Anne Field, will be a little under the weather for the Fourth of July. (Get better soon, dear Anne!) We need a member to organize a few folks to help decorate the Welcome Tree. I can get all of the supplies to you.  It is such an easy and fun thing to do for our community. With 4 folks it takes 30 minutes, tops. Contact me at 
Oops! Forgot that I'll be out of range until the 16th. Just leave me a message, and I'll be back to you as soon as I return.
Thanks so much!
      HAPPYBalloons Mylar, Shiny BIRTHDAY!
         In May...
            Sweethearts Bob and Annettte Bradley, Todd Bastian, Chris Davis, Rocco    
                   Dodson, Gary Ervick, Greg Podd and Alan Rubin. 
        Up this month...
             President Russell, Jerry Nichols, Mike Giller, and Suzanne Koczon
Kevin McGuire -
  • July 4th, you'll have another opportunity to enjoy tunes and cars at the Fourth of July Music Festival, again from 9:30-12:30. Tickets go on sale June 1st.
  • Please contact Kevin if you'd like to volunteer for either day: or 303-775-1768.
  • Cars and Coffee: Kevin and his team gather local enthusiasts on summer Saturday mornings, from 9:00-12:00, at Olde's Garage. They have a fabulous turnout! What a great opportunity to meet community members and extend some Rotary friendship and fun Learn more on their Facebook page: Evergreen Cars and Coffee.
Chuck Adams- You are invited to Beautiful Cars-Beautiful Cause, July 17th, from 11:00-3:00, at Flatirons Community Church. The event benefits Halston's Hope Foundation. Contact Chuck Adams for details:
Alan Rubin- Save the Date...for the return of our annual “Rotary Recycle Day in Memory of Mereth Meade,” August 28th, at the Evergreen Country Day School. Alan says that most of our vendors are back. (Goodness, it will be a busy day since the event had to be cancelled last year. We'll need everyone and their elbow grease!)
Our Speaker:
Kara Napolitano, the Research and Training Manager with the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, delivered a powerful and sobering account of the prevalence of Human Trafficking, even today, even here in Colorado. 
Karen has spent her life serving those who are marginalized and victimized. She received her Master’s of Arts degree in International Development with concentrations in International Human Rights Law and Refugee Protection from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the DU. Since then, she has either worked or volunteered internationally, and in America researching, education and fighting this scourge. Working with the Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking, (LCHT) based here in Colorado, Karen has helped train 13,000 volunteers in 40 cuties across the state. Karen wants us to know that there exists much misinformation and many misconceptions about human trafficking. Firstly, we need to know that the violence, abuse, neglect, and injustice that precipitates a person being trafficked exists everywhere.
There are three types of trafficking, as described by the Human Trafficking Protection Act:
  • The sexual trafficking of those under the age of 18
  • The sexual trafficking of those who are over the age of 18, through corrosion, fraud, or force
  • Trafficking others for their labor
Karen emphasized that those being trafficked are not stupid or making bad choices, and it may be impossible for them to leave their situation. This is never their fault. Often, the vulnerable are recruited with promises of what they most need: love, protection, food, clothing. Or, they are sold by parents, coaches, and partners for the trusted person's financial gain. In fact, 50% of sex trafficking is initiated in this way. Karen notes that Covid has increased calls to the help center by 25%.
In Colorado, forced labor is the most common type of trafficking. This is because of several factors: Denver is a major transportation hub; we have a huge vacation industry, and we have a large immigrant population. 50% of those trafficking in Colorado are natives, 50% from outside of the state. Forced labor is common in the agricultural and construction sectors, as well as in hospitality and tourism. The gender statistics are 50/50 in labor, but 75/25 (female to male/LBGTQ) in sexual trafficking. 
So, what can we do? 
  1. Be a conscious consumer. Realize that cheap products and cheap food prices increase the demand for forced labor, here and internationally. 
  2. Care about those who society deems unworthy and who are rarely considered victims. 
  3. Write down the hotline number, share it with others,  and keep it with you. Call 866-455-5075, text 720-999-9724, and/or go to their website.
  4. Spread the word, have a conversation
  5. See something, say something 
  6. ​​​​​​​Attend a training.  The organization usually conducts three to four trainings a week for one to two hours. 
  7. Volunteer with the the Colorado Human Trafficking Hotline. You can work the hotline or raise funds to support the program. LCHT provides transportation, housing, food, mental health care and education support. 
Thank you, Karen, for your dedication to some of the most forgotten and mistreated people in our world. We are grateful and wish you much success in this fight. 
By the Way...
Do you know someone interested in membership, or someone who should definitely join us? Contact Chuck Adams. Our club is a vibrant, dynamic, and welcoming place where strong friendships form the basis for "Service Above Self."
Do you need help with this virtual world? Are sign-ups, contacts and information pretty difficult to maneuver? Need help or clarification on anything pertaining to ERC?
Just email us at, or call 303-963-6136, 0r 303-679-4787.