One of the wonderful benefits of being a Rotarian is the opportunity to visit exotic places in the company of good friends, all for a great cause.  The Rotary Club of Evergreen each year sponsors insight trips to one or more locales in the world where our money is at work transforming the
lives of individuals less fortunate than ourselves.  The trips are structured to educate the participants about the projects and give us a first-hand view of how our money is being used.  And of course, there is always the opportunity to play tourist in some delightful and interesting places in the process.  In 2019, we have two such insight trips planned to Guatemala and Kenya.
Guatemala – From February 4 – 14, a group of 14 Rotarians, friends and family, will visit Guatemala to observe the work of Starfish One-by-One, a non-profit started by Evergreen Rotarians Ted and Connie Ning, to further educational opportunities for young indigenous women.  The program has been in existence for over ten years, and recently started work on $162,000 Rotary Global grant entitled Young Mayan Women as Engines of Economic Growth in Guatemala through Empowerment and Education.  The group will hear from representatives of Starfish and the local Rotary Club and visit with some of the students in their homes and their schools.  All slots for this trip have been filled, but it has become an annual affair, so if you are interested please watch for announcements in the fall of 2019 for the 2020 trip.
Kenya – From May 7 - 21, another trip is being organized to visit Kenya and see the work of Sasa Harambee, a non-profit started by Evergreen Rotarian, Carol Carper.  Sasa Harambee’s mission is sustainable economic development through community led innovation.   The group will visit several Rotary supported projects including a water spring protection project, an orphanage, medical clinic, and a playground built by Conifer Interact students.  Participants will have the opportunity to meet with local farmers and see how sustainable agriculture has changed their lives, as well as with the governor of the state and some of his ministers to identify further projects.  And, what’s a trip to Africa with out a safari?  Yes, it’s included.  On the ground cost is expected to be about $2,000 per person.  There are 13 slots open.   If interested in this exciting opportunity, contact Melony Harris, 303 919 7997, or Carol