Chris Davis Interview with Marcia Walsh September 24, 2018
Q: Where did you grow up?
I was born and grew up in Indianapolis. I have two younger sisters; one lives in Longmont and one lives in South Haven, MI, though she also used to live in Colorado and is planning to move back here later this year.  My great grandparents bought a vacation home in South Haven, MI where we spent our summers growing up. My father worked for GM after studying psychology. He had a strong work ethic and encouraged me to have a paper route in middle school. My mother obtained a degree in special education while I was in high school and is a retired teacher. I was also influenced by my maternal grandmother, a high school principal, who lived nearby. She had been a PGA teaching professional and played tennis and was the one who taught me to compete. I had a great childhood and still keep in touch with friends whom I grew up with.
Q: Did you play sports?
I wrestled in middle school (I got my height in High School) and was active in track in high school specializing in hurdles and the high jump.  I also lettered in basketball and football, and was able to compete in track in college.
Q: Tell us about your education.
I got my education in business administration from Ball State University.
Q: Tell me about your work experiences.
I started out in sales right out of college and progressed into finance and lending. I moved from Indiana to Denver in 1995. We lived in Littleton for 2 years before moving to Evergreen. I had my own company for 6 years and also worked for a couple of years at Bank of the West.  I am no longer in management and am now a home loan specialist, currently with Unibell Financial following 5 years with another company.
Q: Tell us about your family and how you met your wife
My daughter, Marissa, is very talented and was active in theater and music in High School. She grew up in Evergreen and was 16 when my ex and I divorced. She now lives in Littleton with her boyfriend and is a senior at CU Denver, studying education and creative writing, and will be graduating in May.  I was single for 5 years before meeting my wife, Brenda, who works at Berkshire Hathaway and I now have 2 step kids. She and I had a mutual friend who thought Brenda and I might be a good match, so she set me up with Brenda who lived in Highlands Ranch at the time.  We got married about 3 years later.
Q: What do you do in your free time?
I enjoy both road and mountain biking and was on the board of Team Evergreen Cycling. I love fly fishing. My wife also enjoys fly fishing, and also spent time training and completing a marathon fundraiser for Leukemia & Lymphoma. We are both deeply involved with Ascent Church of Evergreen. Although I did not grow up in a church, I’m now a Christian and believe it is important to be involved with your church.
Q: Define yourself as a shoe
I am a High Top, specifically a Converse Basketball (Chuck Taylors).  They have been around a long time, are versatile, and provide support so you don’t twist your ankle.
Q: What led you to Rotary?
I lived in Kittridge in 1999 where a neighbor and friend, Bob Stillmock, introduced me to Evergreen Rotary. I joined our club in 2000 and was a member for 8 years. I chaired the Community Service Committee was involved in the Legacy Project. I was working down the hill and found that the Friday morning time was a bad fit with my job. Now, I work from home with a company located in Lakewood, so I am able to attend meetings more regularly. I like that Rotary offers many ways for members to give back without pigeonholing anyone.
Q: What gifts do you have to offer?
This time I feel called upon to be involved with issues affecting our youth. I am especially concerned about teen suicide. I am a good listener and able to speak out when necessary in a tactful manner.
Q: What words of wisdom do you have?
While I’m still working on my own “why”, I love Mark Twain’s quote “The two most important days in your life are…the day you were born, and the day you find out why.”