The weather was perfect on Thursday morning, June 14, as 82 golfers “teed off” in the Rotary Club of Evergreen’s 100 Holes of Golf at Evergreen Golf Course.   This was the fifth time the event has been held.   This year, golfers representing 16 charities participated in raising funds for their respective organizations, while Rotary picked up the the majority of the administrative costs associated with sponsoring the event. 
This is not your ordinary golf tournament.   Golfers came dressed as everything from Wonder Woman to turkeys to M&Ms.  Their tools of choice, “clubs,” were equally as far ranging including slingshots, rocket launchers, turkey drumsticks (I think that’s what they were), and even a few golf clubs used to propel the balls around the course.  Each team was given 10 balls to start the event and played 10 holes to get the 100 holes.   Rumor has it that less than half of the balls made it back to the clubhouse.
The golfers each gathered pledges per hole from supporters in advance to raise the funds.  For many of the participating non-profits, it was an easy way to raise funds with minimal fundraising cost.   While the purpose was raise funds, equally important was having fun with like-minded people.   The event concluded with lunch at the golf course by all participants and spectators. 
Thanks to Ron Larson for spearheading this year’s event.  He was ably assisted by Jim Kreider, Doug Turner, Gary Ervick and others in the planning and execution.  And Carolyn Alexander did her usual excellent job serving as photographer.  As an added bonus, she was assisted this year by Chuck Adams who took overhead photos from his drone.   Click Here to see all photos of this year’s event.