Operation Warmheart

(aka Rotary Operation WarmHeart)
Rotary WarmHeart is a financial safety net for the families of deployed soldiers.  This program, established in 2007, helps to provide peace of mind for the military men and women who are deployed from Fort Carson, CO.  They need to know that their families are taken care of here at home, should a financial emergency arise, while  they are away defending our country and  the principles of freedom we hold so dear. 
Rotary WarmHeart began in 2007 and thus far has helped more than 90 military families with grants totaling $32,000.  Grant recipients are those families who are in financial distress, as validated by Fort Carson’s Army Community Services Unit.
For every soldier deployed to foreign soil, there is a family back home who struggles.  The strength of our soldiers comes from the strength of their families. 
Your help will be greatly appreciated by those brave soldiers and their families.
Donations can be made to:
The Evergreen Rotary Foundation for Rotary WarmHeart
P.O Box 4143
Evergreen, CO 80437
For more information, please follow the Rotary Operation WarmHeart and Operation Warmheart Video links in the menu on the left, or contact:
Howard Hoch………..303-807-4580
Janee Myers…..303-670-8229
Sam Smith…………...720-940-7162
Tom Johnson………..303-526-1031