Announcements for the Week of January 14th, 2022
Here's Everything You Need to Know...
Our Inspiration for this week:  Innovation
Our President Marianne reminded us of the importance of following the mask rules during this crazy time with omicron. For the time being these will be our safety protocols:
  • Mask must be worn while using the microphones.
  • Masks may only be lowered if “actively” eating or drinking. 
  • These safety rules are similar to the airlines, not indoor dining at restaurants.
Paul Harris Fellows - Marianne also announced that the following members have earned Paul Harris Fellow pins:  Adam Bejelica, Ted Ning, Mindy Hansen, Dale Schlinsog, Don Unger, Ron Larson, Russell Hammond, Sondra Kellogg, Cindy Latham, Dori Painter, Alan Rubin, Janee Meyers, and Larry Fitzsimmons.  Pins were presented to those present.  To earn a Paul Harris Fellow pin, one must contribute $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation (International).
Website - Jack Stapleton gave a primer on the website.  He pointed out some of the features and content on the homepage and encouraged members to log-in and explore the Member Area of the website.  Did you know you can print your own member directory?  Just log-in and click on Member Resources on the menu, then select Tutorials,  and finally Tutorial 3 for instructions. 
Red Badge Graduation - Holly Brekke congratulated Betsy Hayes on finishing the Red Badge requirements.  
General Announcements:
Dark next Friday - Marianne reminded us that we will be dark next Friday, January 21 due to Rowdy Rotarians on the 19th. 
Mardi Gras - Doug Turner reminded us of the upcoming Mardi Gras party on February 18 at the Wild Game.  Tickets are now on sale.  You can get all of the details at, or simjply click on the mardi gras image on the club's website homepage.  Come see Tunisia and help our own foundation raise funds for the many causes we support.   As a side note, Doug mentioned that there is a wide variety of colorful, mardi gras face masks available on Amazon, and there will also be masks available at the door.
Legacy Project - Bob Bradley announced that today is the last day to vote for our next legacy project.  There are two projects competing for our support - the expansion project at the Center for the Arts Evergreen, and a refrigerated food truck for EChO.  VOTING WILL END AT NOON TODAY, AND THERE ARE 40 MEMBERS WHO HAVE NOT YET VOTED.  SEE CURT HARRIS'S EMAIL TO MEMBERS THIS MORNING.
Recent Grant Awards - Ted Ning announced that Evergreen Rotary has received approval of two grants for Resilience 1220 worth a total of $14,000:
  • A $2,000 Melly Kinnard Mental Health Award thanks to generous donation by Cindy Sahli ($1,000) matched by $1,000 form District 5450 for the Mental Health Committee.
  • A  $12,000 grant with participation from all five Area 8 clubs.  Ted explained how Evergreen Rotary leveraged $1,500 of our own funds into $12,000 by getting $4,500 in contributions from the other clubs and $6,000 matching funds from District 5450.
Mt Evans Gala - Betsy Hayes announced that Mt. Evans is hosting its annual gala at Mt Vernon Canyon Club of February 25.  The theme for this year's gala will be a Hawaiian Luau and the band will be Tunisia, coincidentally the same band as for Mardi Gras. Tickets are on sale now.  For more information,
Afghan Refugee Project - Bob Rose thanked everyone for the outpouring of support for the Evergreen Rotary Refugee ProjectThe Evergreen team will be supporting an Afghan family moving to the Denver area.  There will be on-line orientation training this afternoon at 4:30.  If you’d like to learn more about the resettlement process, let Bob Rose know of your interest.
Youth Services - Judy Constantine indicated that there will be a Youth Service Committee meeting immediately following the club meeting this morning.  All are welcome.
Rowdy Rotarians - Bill Manning reminded everyone of the upcoming Rowdy Rotarians at the Center for the Arts Evergreen next Wedenesday, January 19 from 5:00 to 7:00.  Come enjoy socializing with your fellow Rotarians and take in CAE's teen exhibition, I’m HereThis amazing exhibit reflects on the resilience and growth that today’s teenagers were forced to dig deep and find in the midst of the pandemic.  Please click here to sign up.
Our Speaker
Linda Lovin introduced our speaker, Caitlin Lowe-Hoover from Resilience 1220.  Her presentation was entitled: "The Importance of Family & Community in Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth."  Click here for Caitlin's PowerPoint presentation.
Meeting Recording - Click here