News for the Week of July 10th, 2020
Here's Everything You Need to Know...
President Russell Hammond - Russell thanked us for the opportunity to be our President, and he is honored. He also thanked Past President Doug Turner for his quick and efficient implementation of virtual meetings. This kept us together, and moving forward. President Russell just attended his first District Governor/Club Presidents meeting. He related that new District Governor, Bob Kemp, advised clubs to be flexible and adaptive during these strange and changing times. Russell assured us that he is always open to innovative ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism. He will try varied methods of promoting fellowship in this virtual world. Sometimes it will work and sometimes fall flat, but we'll keep at it! Thank YOU, President Hammond!
Oh, and his first act as our new president is to give Alan Rubin a new name: GO RAMS! 
General Announcements: 
John Wingate - John announced that the International Service Committee (ISC) meeting for tomorrow has been cancelled. The next meeting will be August 11th. 
Travis Ning- Honorary Member, Travis Ning, invites our club to a very special virtual forum this Thursday, July 16th at 11:00am our time. The Forum is entitled: "Educating Girls: A long range Community Investment." The free event is being hosted by the Rotary International Literacy Action Group, as part of the Rotary Convention Virtual Break Out Sessions. Speakers from Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Niger and Guatemala will share their experience and expertise concerning the single most critical factor in lifting households, communities, and nations out of poverty. BONUS! Our own Ted Ning is a featured speaker, as C0-Founder and Executive Director of the MAIA Impact school and the Quetzal University Fund.
Other Announcements:
Kelly Gant - As Youth Service Committee Chair, Kelly announced that programing will soon start. The committee will be looking at innovative and creative methods to serve our community's youth. She will be sending updates via email, to last years volunteers. If you are interested working with the committee, please let her know. or 317-513-6998.
Dave Rommelmann Dave is collecting crutches and other mobility devices such as walkers, for Crutches for Africa. You may remember our recent speaker and fellow Rotarian, Dave Talbot, founder of Crutches for Africa. The organization's website has great information on the variety and nature of badly needed devices, and the incredible work of Crutches for Africa. (Oh, also, I noticed that Dave is looking for several volunteers to spend a few hours helping clean and organization the storage facility.) Please contact Dave Rommelmann to arrange your delivery or pick-up of mobility devices. A text is best: 303-522-1191. Dave's e-mail is
Holly Brekke This August 29th, from 10:00-12:00, you can join Tall Grass and other community members to walk a mile in the shoes of the children to raise money to help train police, set up safe houses, and provide new lives for rescued victims. The event will be held at Marshdale Elementary. For more information on Joy International, to learn about the event, and to register, go to
President Russell Hammond 
We are still in need of a few brave men and women to provide invaluable service to our club: Audio/Visual support for meetings. You will be thoroughly trained by our Past and Present Presidents, who have done a remarkable job in bringing our club along and keeping us together during a really yucky time! What would we have done without our AV? You may reach Russell at


Carryovers From Last Week: 
Kevin McGuire - Please join, Kevin and a great group of car lovers this Saturday for Cars and Coffee, at Olde's Texaco. This is a great way to promote Evergreen Rotary to our community while enjoying the a great cup of coffee and some gorgeous cars. The event runs from 8:00-10:00. Stop on by, and tell your friends!
Our Speaker:
Mark Scharenbroich's speaking career took off after an experience in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He had stumbled upon Harley Davidsons' 100th Year Anniversary celebration. Perhaps, you too have encountered a large group of Harley's and their owners? It can be an exhilarating, awe inspiring and intimidating experience. But, what if you simply say, "Nice Bike?" This is what he kept overhearing people say as they passed bikers. Instantaneously, meaningful connections began.  Mark believes that meaningful connections are the basis for a life filled with greater success. When you "Acknowledge, honor and connect and you will change the world, one person at a time." Mark sees a direct line between the moral code of our 4-Way Test and his philosophy, especially, the third question "Will it build goodwill and better friendships?" 
You can learn more by citing Mark's website, .
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